Please answer all 36 multiple choice questions to calculate your Connection Quotient.

  1. Are you happy?
  2. Do you feel your life has a higher purpose than the mundane?
  3. Do you have a clear sense of purpose in your life?
  4. Do you often feel connected with spirit, or a power greater than yourself?
  5. Do you feel guided in your life or that you are being looked after?
  6. Do you have a spiritual practice or outlook that nourishes you?
  7. Do you have peak experiences of unity, or expanded awareness beyond thought?
  8. Is your memory sharp?
  9. Are you intellectually stimulated?
  10. Do you think clearly or are you often muddled or confused?
  11. Are you learning new things on a regular basis?
  12. Are you able to quieten your mind? For example, do you meditate?
  13. Do you consider yourself intuitive?
  14. Are you often anxious or stressed or fearful?
  15. Do you have a sense of love in your life?
  16. Do you have a good primary relationship?
  17. Do you have a good social life?
  18. Do you feel compassion towards others, including people you don’t necessarily know?
  19. Do you have a sense of gratitude for your life?
  20. Do you have a sense of your heart centre and make an effort to be open to others?
  21. Are you often critical and feel stuck in negative patterns of behaviour?
  22. Do you feel a sense of connection with nature and spend time in natural environments?
  23. Do you like your body?
  24. Are you in good health?
  25. Are you nutritionally mindful of what you eat?
  26. Are you fit?
  27. Are you overweight?
  28. How ecologically minded are you (eg organic, free-range, transport, waste)?
  29. Do you have some things that you are passionate about in your life?
  30. Do you feel enthusiastic and optimistic about life?
  31. How is your sex life?
  32. Do you feel you have enough physical contact in your life?
  33. Do you have a sense of shame, guilt or displeasure in relation to sex?
  34. How do you enjoy great music, art or food?
  35. Do you feel fulfilled?
  36. Are you adventurous and open to new experiences?